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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Avita Water Black Bear FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Avita Water Black Bear FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

IS THIS A RACE OR  A TOUR?  It is a tour  It is a tour that is timed so that you will have an accurate indication of your ride time.  If you want to take your time - then you can do that.


IS THERE FOOD?  We have five food and water stations with snacks and water.  The food and water stations are  at  26 miles, 46 miles, 57 miles, 73 miles and 93 miles.


WHAT KIND OF FOOD IS THERE ?  We have muffins and fruit and water and gatorade.

HOW ARE THE RIDERS STARTED?  We will start riders in groups of 10 each minute starting at 8:00 AM until all are gone.  This is done to reduce congestion and increase safety.  Rider minutes are handed out on a first come first serve basis through the mail-in registration process. The event Director reserves the right to make changes in the starting order that may not make everyone happy. When you start your ride the canoe racers will have been paddling 11 hours throughout the night.


HOW DOES THE SHUTTLE FROM  OSCODA TO GRAYLING WORK?  We again will use buses.  Our trailer and bus program will make the return ride comfortable for you and safe for your bike.  It is our goal to have you scored out quickly, so you can be on your way safely home at a reasonable hour.  Please take note, Oscoda and Grayling are equal in drive times to many southern state locations, it might be advisable to bring someone to shuttle your vehicle to Oscoda so you don’t have to take the 2 hour drive back to Grayling and then drive south.


WHEN DO THE SHUTTLES LEAVE?   We try to have shuttles leave at 1:30 and 3:30.  It many times doesn’t work that way because we have to  adjust because of riders waiting for other riders and we get a lot of changes, unfortunately, on tour day when riders want to add or be taken off the shuttle.

HOW GOOD ARE THE RIDING SURFACES?  Most are very good, but a few areas require that you mind your wheels.  The surface on North Down River Road right after the start is the worse.  It only last for a few miles. Overall the surfaces are very good.

WHAT IS THE MCKINLEY CLASS?  We love McKinley.  You may want to live there someday.  You and a partner can split the 100 miles by having someone waiting in McKinley, at the 56 mile mark, to ride the last 44 miles and have your vehicle ready for you.  If you ride this class, please remember that you should not stay in McKinley forever, -- go home  -- or go to Oscoda and pick your partner up.  Don’t even ask about the secret McKinley Loop.


HOW LATE IS THE FINISH LINE OPEN?  We have been open as late as 8 ½ hours.  We wait until the last rider comes in.


WHERE ARE THE BATHROOMS?    There are porta johns behind the small grassy pocket park two doors down the street from The Bicycle Shop.


HOW DO I GET A CERTIFICATE WITH MY TIME?   For $3.00 we will mail you a certificate with your name and time and a window sticker that has your individual time.


WHAT ABOUT SHIRT AVAILABILITY?    We order enough shirts to cover our pre-orders and a few extra.  The extra are available on a first come first serve basis.  $15.00 each.


ABOUT HAVING FUN?  “If you really want to be happy – no one can stop you.” Sister Mary Tricky 

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