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Fun Page
Get out your Boys’ Life and take the B.L. quiz, or get out a piece of rope and practice the knot of the month.   Try your hand at the word search puzzle.   Can you identify the bugle call?    And be sure to check out the Bulletin Board to see what’s coming up.   See you at the next troop meeting!






Click Here for the Word Search Puzzle



Text Box: Boys’ Life Fun Quiz
Did you read your Boys’ Life magazine?
This is open magazine, so get those B.L. magazines out (the March 2009 issue) and see how well you can do!

1.	In the “Dear Pedro” column, page 2, scout Steven G. Schaumburg III writes in about the release of the new Hawaii state quarter.  Where is Steven from?
2.	On page 7 is “Information Overload.  Who do you think has the strangest collection?
3.	Do you have a collection?  If so, what do you collect?   Did you know you can earn a merit badge in collecting?
4.	What is your favorite article from this issue and why?
5.	Do other family members enjoy reading your Boys’ Life?
6.	From the article titled “ Check This Out”, page 24, what are two things you “didn’t know you needed for basic cold-weather outing”?
7.	From the article “City on the Sea” page 32, list three fun facts about the U.S.S. Midway.
8.	What did secondclass scout Jordan Melgaard do to receive a Honor Medal?
9.	Do you think you would be prepared to offer 1st aid to the victim in this true story of scouts in action.
10.	Did you know you can visit Boys’ Life on the internet at www.boyslife.org?



Check out this Knot of the Month.

This is the clove hitch.   Also checkout

your Boy Scout Book for more knots and

how to tie them.


clove hitch knot.gif




Text Box: Troop Bulletin Board
Ø	Boy Scout Sunday at Michelson Memorial Church, March 8th, at 11:00am service.  Be sure to wear your uniform!
Ø	Parents night, Monday March 9th, at Michelson Memorial Church (in the basement) at 7:00 pm.   
Ø	Regular meeting March 16, no regular meeting March 23, due to cabin camp out that week end, March 20, 21, and 22, at Camp Greilick.
Ø	P.L.C. meeting only on March 23rd.

Remember, regular meetings start at 7:00 pm and wrap up around 8:30 pm.  Be sure to wear your uniform.   See you there!








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