Preserving the heritage and artifacts of Crawford County

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A Video Tour of our Museum Rooms


This section of the Depot which faces the tracks displays an organ from the Michelson Memorial Methodist Church from 1923. Nels and Margrethe Michelson (portraits shown above the organ) were benefactors of the church building.

The draped flag that is shown has forty stars and was used in the 1898 Grayling parade.

There are train photos, some of which depict a derailment and the roundhouse fire. The binders are filled with Crawford County history which the visitor can peruse.

Behind the conductor is the original ticket window where passengers would buy their train tickets from the lobby side.

There was a door in the doorway, closing the lobby to the rest of the Depot. In the rear, the trainmaster, yardmaster and roadmaster had their desks. The agent sat at the desk facing the tracks where he received train orders from the Bay City dispatcher via telegraph. The agent then typed the order (the destination of the freight) and passed it to the conductor. He, in turn, gave it to the engineer. The agent would not allow the train to leave the station until the engineer had the order. The Depot also served as the telegraph office for the general public.

The ornate wood stove shown in the video is the original stove used in the Depot in the late 1800s.

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